Millard Days

Millard Days

Andersen Park

136th & Q St, Omaha, NE

25-30 Aug 2020

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Please read the waiver and digital sign by clicking the agree box at the end of the waiver

This Full Waiver and Release is made and executed on 6/6/2020 by the parade entrant ("the Releasing Party"). Millard Days, Inc. ("Millard Days") will present a parade ("the Parade") in conjunction with its Millard Days Festival. The parade route will be on the streets of the City of Omaha as permitted by the City of Omaha. Millard Days and the City of Omaha are willing to allow the Releasing Party to participate in the Parade or other activities which Millard Days may present and the City of Omaha may authorize, on the terms and conditions set forth in this full Waiver and Release. The Releasing Party acknowledges that participation in the event, all of which activities the undersigned has either witnessed or is familiar with, and specifically accepts the risk of those injuries and acknowledge that Millard Days and the City of Omaha would not be willing to allow the Releasing Party to participate in said activities in the absence of the representations and promises set forth in this Full Waiver and Release.

In consideration of the above, the Releasing Party, for himself/herself and his/her agents, representatives, heirs, successors and assigns does hereby release and forever discharge Millard Days and the City of Omaha and their successors, affiliates, representatives, and assigns from and concerning any and all liability, claims, causes of action, demands, obligations, attorney fees, and damages of any kind whatsoever which may arise as a result of the Releasing Party's participation in the Parade arising under or related to this Full Waiver of Release. The Releasing Party agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold Millard Days and the City of Omaha harmless from any damages, including, without limitation, attorney fees if Millard Days and the City of Omaha are sued by the Releasing Party or his/her assignee with respect to any of the claims released herein.

This Full Waiver and Release is intended and may be construed as a full and complete release, without any reservation or qualification. The Releasing Party assumes any and all risk of any property damage, personal injury or death that may occur arising on account of or in any way occurring out of the Releasing Party's participation in the parade activities.


Parade Information & Rules

  • ♦Parade will be held rain or shine, except in cases of severe weather
  • Registration fees are non-refundable
  • ♦Participants shall secure/maintain adequate liability/property insurance.
  • ♦We must enforce a15-second rule in front of the judges' viewing stand.
  • ♦Participants are encouraged to carpool as parking is limited

Safety First

  • ♦Observe all rules/regulations. Follow police/parade officials instructions.
  • ♦Dangerous acrobatics, including gymnastic/cheerleading, are not allowed.
  • ♦Activity enticing spectators to enter parade route is not allowed.
  • Throwing materials into crowd is not allowed.
  •      --Items must be handed to spectators at the curb.



2019 Awards

  • Floats
    1. St. John Vianney
    2. Millard Business Association
  • Best Parade Vehicle
    1. In Phase
  • Color Guard
    1. Millard South Jr. ROTC.
    2. Millard American Legion Post #374
  • Marching Unit
    1. Mary Loraine's Dance Center
    2. Marching Knights
  • Senior Special
    1. River City Shakers
  • Junior Special
    1. Nebraska Gold Gymnastics
  • Commercial Special
    1. Omaha Blue Waves
  • Judges Choice
    1. Bennington Volunteer Fire Department

    Grand Marshalls


    2019 - Ginny Ward
    2018 - Tim Addison
    2017 - Butch & Marylyn Lindley
    2016 - Jerry & Marilyn Iske
    2015 - Tom Culliane
    2014 - Cy & Bill Schmieding
    2013 - Dale Priester
    2012 - Scott Benson
    2011 - Steve Dice
    2010 - Mark & Dave Hanke
    2009 - Jean Sothert
    2008 - A.Scott & Deb Andersen
    2007 - Harry Andersen Jr.
    2006 - Dale & Eldeen Hanke
    2005 - Ken Kalal
    2004 - Rick & Carol Russel
    2003 - Leota & Carl Shrum
    2002 - Loren & Judy Plambeck
    2001 - Mick & Collie Fjell
    2000 - Al & Doris Baker
    1999 - Barry Caster
    1998 - Leonard Holling
    1997 - Stanley Mountford
    1996 - J.L. Kems
    1995 - Steve Svoboda
    1994 - Will Rix
    1993 - Hank & Bonnie Neiswanger
    1992 - Barbara Hale
    1991 - Glen Merriman
    1990 - Bernie Dressel
    1989 - MS Boys & Girls Basketball
    1988 - Jim Rakes
    1987 - Charlie Vessel
    1986 - Dan Coufal
    1985 - Max Fischer
    1984 - Glen Hanke
    1983 - Jack Childs
    1982 - Don Stroh
    1981 - John Rix
    1980 - Grove Nelson
    1979 - George Russel
    1978 - Mayor Al Veys
    1977 - George Bugelwicz
    1976 - Eugene Leahy
    1975 - Joseph Wager
    1974 - James Kanaley
    1973 -
    1972 - Harry Anderson